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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about tickets or our services? Here are some frequently asked questions that you should have a look at, and if your question is not included below, please feel free to contact us by phone, live chat or email for assistance. Want to find out more about tickets or our services? Here are some frequently asked questions that you should have a look at, and if your question is not included below, please feel free to contact us by phone, live chat or email for assistance.

When can I see confirmed event dates?

FIA usually confirms the event dates for the Formula 1 season in December, before the year of the new season begins. Similarly, FIM also confirms the dates for the MotoGP season at approximately the same period. Events which still do not have a confirmed date will have an indication text “TBC” (To Be Confirmed) next to the date displayed on the website. However, tickets for these events are already available for purchase.

Once the booking has been processed, is it possible to add ticket(s) to my purchase?

So long as there is availability, yes you can add ticket(s) to your purchase. Please be advised that you should contact us for us to ensure that your additional order will be included in your previous one.

Why am I being charged a handling fee?

A handling fee is only applicable to certain events, and the amount is usually a small percentage of the price of the ticket. This is put into place to manage our costs and to provide you with optimal service.

I want to visit the pit lane and garages at Formula 1 and MotoGP events. Is this possible?

Accessing these areas vary with each event. There are certain events in which you can purchase Paddock passes from our ticket shops and there are other events that allow you to attend a Pit Lane Walk at the Formula 1 races before the start of the event. However, the availability of this service is up to the discretion of the event organisers. It is advisable that you refer to our email communications for further information.

I would like to attend the additional activities at the event (e.g. concerts). How can I do that?

Every ticket usually lets you enjoy free access to any concerts that take place on the day that your ticket is valid for. This, of course, may change with each event. You have to make certain that your ticket has access to the zone/area of the concerts that you want to attend. For further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What should I know about Gootickets?

Gootickets forms part of Platinium Group, a company specialising in ticketing technology, and we have offices in Monaco and Barcelona. We provide official tickets to numerous sporting events around the world, and are proud to include the following in our repertoire: Formula 1, MotoGP, Motocross and Tennis. Click here to find out more about us.

I need to contact a customer service agent. How can I do so?

There are various ways for you to get in touch with our customer support. Leave a message via our Live Chat Call the number that is displayed at the bottom of the page Email us Please be advised that should there be any disagreement between the English and any translated version, the English version will prevail.

I have already bought my tickets, what happens next?

Upon completion of your online purchase, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. Please do take note to check your spam folder as the email may be directed there instead of your primary inbox. Should you not receive any email from us, please contact us.

I don’t want a regular paper ticket. Can I opt for an e-ticket instead?

E-tickets are only issued for certain events, and presently, these events are Formula 1 & MotoGP Malaysia, MotoGP Aragon and MotoGP Jerez (subject to change). Do be advised that if the option for e-tickets is not available when you check-out, this indicates that it is not valid for the event of your choice.

If I buy several tickets, will the seats be together?

This is dependent on several factors. In order to be seated together, the tickets purchased must be of the same type (number of days) and category (adult tickets). These tickets should also be purchased in one order. For example, if your order includes 3 weekend tickets and one Sunday ticket for an event, there is no guarantee that the Sunday ticket will have seats together with the 3 weekend tickets. This is due to the fact that they are of different ticket categories, and hence, issued in different series. In the event that you have multiple orders for the same event, the only option of being able to be seated together is to make a new booking which contains all the tickets. This would require you to cancel your previous bookings. Please contact us and we will assist you with a refund of your previous orders. Do take note that there is no guarantee of adjoining seats even with the new booking, but we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Is it possible to know the exact location of my seat during the process of booking my tickets?

Gootickets is a ticketing provider, and as such, we do not decide which seats we receive from the event organisers. Due to security concerns, the printed tickets are given to us by the event organisers closer to the event date, and hence, the seating ranges are not known to us at this point in time. This is why the exact location of your seats cannot be assured during the booking process.

Is it possible to request for a special seat?

We will try our best to accommodate your request, though there is no guarantee that you will receive your requested seats. Please send us an email with your preference for a certain section or location and we will try our best to satisfy your wish.

My children are coming to the event. Do I need special tickets for them?

Reduced-price child tickets are available for some events and additional age restrictions may apply, restricting children under a certain age from attending. Certain product tickets may have their own specific restrictions, so please visit the event of your choice and check the product descriptions before purchasing any tickets.

Can I buy tickets for disabled people?

We do not have the rights to sell tickets for disabled people. The best option to obtain this information and service is to contact the event organiser/circuit. They are the ones best equipped to answer queries with regards to accessibility for disabled people.

If I change my mind after purchasing tickets, can I cancel them?

Cancellations are not accepted once the order has been confirmed. Please check our Ticket Insurance to determine if you would like to safeguard yourself for unforeseen situations.

The price that I paid is different than the price printed on my ticket. Why is this so?

We receive our tickets from different event organisers, and this process leads to the difference between the price printed on your ticket and our selling price. This difference is the result of numerous causes, which include the prices and margins of the organisers, when the ticket was originally purchased, the availability of tickets or the popularity of the event as each event has its own process for ticket pricing and logistics. Please be advised that we want to provide you with a service that is both credible and dependable, and the price of our tickets allow us to maintain our costs and margins. You can check our prices online - not only to make sure that you are not overpaying, but also to compare with other ticket sources. Gootickets always strive to offer competitive and affordable prices so as to allow for a great experience.

My tickets are lost/stolen. What should I do?

Once you have received your tickets, they are your responsibility and we do not make any refunds for tickets being lost, stolen or damaged. In the event that this happens to you, we advise you to contact us. There is no guarantee that we can correct the situation as this will be the decision of the event organisers, but we will do our best to assist you.

What is the process of my ticket delivery?

Once tickets have been received by the event organisers, they will be delivered to you via DHL. Each event has a different shipping timeline and you can check your invoice for the estimated delivery date.

Do take note that tickets are usually delivered about 2-4 weeks prior to the event date, though there are certain races/ticket types that will deliver the tickets up to one week prior to the event. Should your race/ticket fall under this category, we will contact you to make arrangements for alternative options so as not to interfere with your travel plans. However, if you plan to depart earlier than 2 weeks before the event date, it is advisable that you contact our customer service team. This is to ensure that the arrangements to ship your tickets are handled correctly and efficiently.

Once the tickets have been shipped, an email notification will be sent to you. This email includes a DHL tracking number and you can track the delivery of your parcel through this link. You will see the collection signature and name on the DHL website when your tickets arrive.

Is it necessary for me to accept the DHL delivery in person?

Yes, you need to be present to accept the delivery. Please be sure to provide a delivery address where you will be present during the day, as DHL only delivers during daytime. It is essential that you are available to sign for the tickets, and it is highly recommended that you use your office address instead of your home address.

If I’m not present to receive the tickets, what should I do?

DHL’s policy is to deliver your order to the given address three times and should all three attempts fail, they will send the tickets back to Gootickets. We will send the tickets to you again when requested, but do take note that the additional shipping cost will be paid by you.

Is it possible for me to follow the delivery process of my ticket?

You will receive an email when your tickets have been shipped. This email contains a tracking code which you can use to follow the status of your package online.

Is it possible for me to change the delivery address after I have made my booking?

If your tickets have yet to be sent out, you may change the delivery address. Please make your request for the change via email, but do take note that the change will not be official until you receive a written confirmation from us.

What is the shipping cost?

The cost varies depending on your shipping address. When you input your country/address on the checkout page, the delivery cost will be automatically calculated.

There is the option of “Pick Up” in the delivery method. What does that mean?

When the option of DHL shipping is not available, you will receive your tickets by collecting them at the event itself - otherwise called “Pick Up”. Should this be the case, you will receive an e-voucher in your account with which you will download and use to collect your tickets. This voucher contains necessary information as to how, where and when to collect your tickets, and it is made available in your Gootickets account about 1-2 weeks prior to the event. Do take note that you need to produce this e-voucher (printed or electronic) and a valid photo ID for collection. The option of on-site collection normally costs €10 per order.

Do I have to pay for the Pick Up delivery method, and if so, what’s the amount?

Yes, you do and this service usually costs €10

If I make my booking with ample time prior to the event, is it possible to select “Pick Up” as my delivery option?

Should there be a justifiable reason for collecting your tickets on-site rather than having them delivered, you may choose the “Pick Up” option. When placing your order, the standard delivery method will be assigned and once the purchase has been made, please contact our customer service. They will help you with the changes required in the delivery method and you will then be refunded the difference between the two options.

Is it secure to purchase tickets online?

Yes, our payment platform ensures the safety and security of your payment details and personal information. There is an “SSL” (Secure Socket Layer) connection between the server and your browser, which signifies that the data has to be encrypted first before being transferred. This guarantees that third parties are unable to abuse your information. The encryption used is also of the highest possible level available today. Rest assured that your personal information is only used to execute your purchase.

Why is it necessary to supply authentication of my credit card/identification details?

We want to ensure a stringent procedure for your safety. As with most trustworthy ticketing companies, we adopt a rigid security process which consists of a security check when we receive a red flag for certain orders. There are various reasons as to why this could happen - an order with an exceptionally high amount of value or number of tickets, or an address that does not match between the one used for the credit card and the origin of the IP address. These irregularities will prompt us to execute a security check in order to prevent any possible identity theft or illegal use. This will lead us to implement an additional security measure by certifying the identity of the buyer by requesting for additional information that authenticates your identity.

How should I pay for my tickets?

There are two ways to make your payment - credit card or bank transfers. For bank transfers, please email us with the order request including your contact details and address for invoices. Thereafter, you will receive an invoice that will enable you to make the bank transfer. Additionally, there is also the option of installment payments. This enables you to pay a fraction of the price in up to 7 separate payments. Please click here for further information regarding our Installment Plan.

The system doesn’t accept my payment. What should I do?

These are the options to implement if your payment wasn’t successful: - Use another credit card and try again - Check with your bank or financial institution to ensure that international payments are allowed/activated - Opt for a different payment method - Get in touch with our customer service

What’s the currency of the payment that I’m making?

The currency charged to your card depends on the event. Please refer to the full list in point 5.9 of our Terms and Conditions. Do take note that should there be a discrepancy between the amount charged and the amount shown at check-out, this could be a result of fluctuating currency exchange rates.

I am searching for accommodation for the event. What do you recommend?

Please refer to the Hotels tab of the event page that you are attending. We partner with to give you a great selection and there are a variety of hotels, suites and apartments in the area that you can consider.

Can I get parking passes for my event?

This depends on the event that you are attending. Please refer to the product descriptions on the ticket shop as parking passes will either be on sale there as an individual product or issued together in ratios of tickets purchased. In certain events, parking may also be free. However, do take note that parking is excluded in your ticket, unless otherwise specified. For clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I set up camping equipment at the event?

If camping is allowed on-site, there will be camping passes on sale in the ticket shop. Should you require further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are there any hospitality or travel packages for purchase?

We have a hospitality department that is dedicated to assisting you with your requests. Please do not hesitate to contact them for assistance on customised experiences and packages. We form part of Platinium Group, a company specialising in ticketing technology. Our travel agency is proud to have many years of experience under their belt, specifically within the sporting hospitality industry. For travel packages, please contact Monte Carlo Travel.

Are there any travel agencies and/or tour operators that you partner with?

We welcome any travel agencies and tour operators around the world to get in touch with us with regards to purchase of tickets. Furthermore, we are also proud to have our own affiliate programme. Please click here for more information.

What is Flexi-booking?

Flexi-booking is an option that allows you to cancel your booking, switch grandstands or change races up to 8 weeks before the event. Additionally, if you choose to cancel your ticket, you will receive a full refund with a GooTickets account credit. A ticket without the Flexi option does not entitle you to any refund or the ability to change your order.

What is the difference between Flexi-booking and our Booking Protection Policy? 

A Flexi-booking is designed to maximise your freedom, allowing you to change your order or get a full refund with GooTickets account credit up to 8 weeks before the start of the race. The Booking Protection Policy, on the other hand, offers cash-back to your bank account with valid claims up to 10 days before the race. For the full details please see the terms and conditions here. You can also see our comparison table here.

How do I use my Flexi-booking option?

To use your Flexi-booking option, contact us using this form with “Flexi-booking claim” as the subject line. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an account credit for the full amount of your purchase which will be valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

How long is my Flexi-booking valid for?

You can use your Flexi-booking option for up to 8 weeks prior to the starting date of the event. Additionally, you can use your Flexi option a maximum of two times to do changes to your order.

Is there a limit to the number of changes I can make with my Flexi-booking option?

Yes. Flexi-booking option allows you to make changes to your booking up to two times.

Which races or grandstands can I change to?

You can change to any race in the same currency within the two years from your order purchase. For grandstands, you may change to any grandstand up to 8 weeks before the start of the event*.

*Subject to availability.

How will I receive my refund?

Flexi option allows you to receive a full refund for the selected tickets up to 8 weeks before the start of the event. You will be refunded with a GooTickets account credit for the full amount of your order*. This account credit is valid for 2 years from the issue date and can be used to purchase tickets to any event offered on our website. Any purchase must be in the same currency as your original purchase.

*Tickets eligible for the refund are those with Flexi options only.

If I did not buy a Flexi-booking option, can I still change my ticket?

If the product you purchased is eligible for the Flexi option, you can still add Flexi option by contacting the Customer Service Team and paying an additional cost.

What is the number of Flexi options I can add?

The maximum number of Flexi options allowed is the number of tickets added to your cart.

Is it possible to only have the Flexi option for parts of your tickets?

It is possible to add the Flexi option for only parts of your tickets, as per your needs. Not all tickets in your cart/order have to have the Flexi option. However, if you want to add the Flexi option at a later stage, you will be obligated to pay an additional cost.

Are all products eligible for the Flexi option?

Unfortunately, not all products are eligible for the Flexi option. For this reason, you may not see the Flexi option offer during check-out. If you need more information please contact our Customer Service Team.

What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique asset that establishes ownership over a digital property. This digital representation can be collected and traded on a Blockchain as an NFT.

How do I get my NFT tickets?

To claim your NFT, please follow the steps below:

1. You’ll need to download the Web App, you can do so here.
2. Login into the Web App with the email used to buy your tickets and complete the onboarding process, which will guide you through the necessary steps to set up your account.
3. Once you create an account, you’ll see a unique digital collectable made just for you. 48h before you attend the event, you’ll be able to click on “Show QR code” revealing a unique QR code. This will serve as your pass to access the venue.
4. If you prefer, you can download the PDF version of your NFT ticket.

You’ll find all the necessary information in the WebApp.

I don’t see my QR code, what should I do?

Once you create an account, you’ll see a unique digital collectable made just for you. This is only shown 48h before you attend the event, you’ll be able to click on “Show QR code” revealing a unique QR code. This will serve as your pass to access the venue.

I still need help installing it.

Please contact our Customer Service Team or click on the "Help Button" on the Web App itself to get assistance.

How do I use my NFT for access?

During the event:
1. To gain entry, scan the QR code displayed on your WebApp at the designated entry point.
2. Once you successfully enter the event using your NFT ticket, the QR code will transform into a commemorative NFT for each day you attended.

What will I get on top of my ticket?

Once you successfully enter the event using your NFT ticket, the QR code will transform into a commemorative NFT for each day you attended.

I don’t have a digital wallet, what should I do?

Your wallet is automatically created when you register into the WebApp, therefore there is no need to create one.

I already have a digital wallet.

You'll have a digital wallet within the WebApp once you register. You can transfer your NFT to your personal wallet afterwards if you wish to do so.

I don’t want/know this ticket, can I get a paper version?

Yes, you can download a paper version or receive one upon request.